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February 2019
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PostSubject: THE RULES!!   Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:03 pm

Every forum has rules. To keep things kosher and cool, we gotta put some in place.

They are few & simple.

1. No Spamming!
For obvious reasons we would prefer that you not do this. We have worked hard on our forum and everything & everyone that it contains. We would appreciate if you would not spam our members with anything they did not ask for.

2. No Stealing
This goes for ANYTHING. Pictures, graphics, content. What is here stays here! Please and Thanks.

3. Wear your big girl panties biggirl
We are all adults and we wont all get along, but the best thing to do when a disagreement arises, is to agree to disagree & move on! Smile Please be respectful of everyone's feelings. If there is a problem with a member, take it to private message or talk to an admin and we will help!

These rules will & can be edited at anytime. It is your choice to stay informed.
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